Can I use a full size nut as a leveling nut?

In most situations you can. A leveling nut is a term that refers to the application of the nut rather than the physical dimensions of the nut. Many times they are called out as “jam” or “half” nuts because they can be cheaper, do not need to provide structural value, and are just used for leveling purposes.  These nuts are not typically off the shelf domestically though. If you have enough room to allow for the full size nut, it will not affect the integrity of the assembly. Especially jobs with domestic requirements a full size leveling nut can be a much more cost effective and expedient option.



    I should have said “I know we must use a plate washer on top of the baseplate but what about underneath where the leveling nut is? Can we use a plate washer on top and a regular washer underneath the baseplate for the leveling nut?

    When you use a leveling nut under a column baseplate with max holes sizes per the AISC chart, I know we must use a plate washer (size depends on AR dia per chart) but what size does the leveling nut washer need to be? Must it be a plate washer also or can it be a regular washer? I cannot find this info in the AISC manual or on their website.

    @Ricky- The leveling nut can either be jam nut sized, or regular nut sized – it all depends on availability and the preferences of the engineer. As for your plate washer question, we are not certain where that information is published, if it even is published.

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