Does Portland Bolt manufacture 1-3/4” diameter A325 heavy hex bolts?

heavy_hex_bolt2No. As a matter of fact, nobody does. The ASTM F3125 grade A325 specification clearly denotes the diameter range of this grade of fastener to be ½” through 1-1/2” inclusive. Therefore, an A325 bolt larger than 1-1/2” diameter simply does not exist. It cannot be manufactured because there are no dimensional or strength requirements for A325 bolts this large in diameter. ASTM recommends specifying ASTM A449 or ASTM A354 which have similar mechanical properties, but cover larger diameters. Other grades of fasteners that have a maximum diameter of 1-1/2” are ASTM A490 and SAE J429 grades 2, 5, and 8. It is a common occurrence to see all of these grades of bolts mistakenly specified in sizes larger than 1-1/2” diameter.

If you are working on a project and are faced with this situation, ask your customer to clarify the specification or have the engineer specify a grade of bolt that is available in larger diameters. Proceed cautiously with fastener distributors or manufacturers who claim to provide fasteners outside specified strength or diameters ranges.

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    looking for 1 3/4″ diameter stud with nuts on both ends 22″ long. Need 2. Flywheel bolts for an antique engine, 1924

    @David – We stock all thread rod in some grades that could be cut to your size. One of our salespeople will contact you shortly to discuss.

    Dear Sir/Madame

    I have an floor jack by Pittsburg that is sold by Harbor Freight and I need the saddle pad screw that holds the saddle pad to the jack. I have looked everywhere and can’t find one. I hope you have something that will work. This screw is about 6/8th ot 7/8 inches in diameter and have a hex shaped hole in the middle of the screw/bolt. If you need me to I can probably get a picture of it to you.

    I would like to receive a quote for both type 1 & 3 and Coated and uncoated;

    ITEM = All Threaded Hex Bolt ASTM A449, 1/4-20 X 3/4 in Length
    Flat or star washer Material to match;

    Indicate unit price, sale conditions, delivery time, shipping cost to Aiken, SC 29801.

    Awaiting your prompt response.

    Dear Sirs,
    I would like to receive a quote for the product mentioned below:

    RFQ: 16080
    BID DUE DATE: 08/11/16

    ITEM 1 / QTY: 73 PIECES / DESCRIPTION:. Threaded rod, Technical Standard: SAE 1045, Section: Circular, Thread diameter: 5/8 “Thread Type: Coarse UNC, Step 11 Thread / Plg, Total Length: 3′.28” (1 meter), Surface finish: Polished Application: worm screw, Bolts, Elevators.

    Indicate unit price, sale conditions, delivery time, shipping cost to Miami Fl. 33166.

    Awaiting your prompt response.


    Mr. Eulys Nobrega
    MB Supply Solutions Inc.
    7950 NW 53rd Street, Suite 241
    Miami, FL 33166, USA
    Phone: +1-786-2383451
    Fax: +1-877-2083905

    A449 galvanized, 7/8″ dia. rods needed in lengths like 8 feet, for a bridge project for use as transverse tendons for concrete slab units.
    what is the strength?
    how much can in be post-tensioned to?

    what is the approximate price?

    @Robert- We can manufacture some configurations of 6″ bolts. We’d need some more specifics to give you a definitive yes or no.

    Now I fully understand that 1-3/4” diameter A325 heavy hex bolts doesn’t exist. I’m glad I’ve read this post. I’m really having problems with this, now I fully understand. Maybe I’ll try to find other ASTM bolts or asking what the specifications needed.

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