Are high strength clevises and turnbuckles available?

Clevis with cotter pin

High-strength clevises can be provided in instances where smaller clevises are needed while keeping a higher safe working load. High-strength clevises are also used to develop the full capacity of high-strength threaded rods. Since high-strength clevises are not readily available in the marketplace, these items can add significant lead time and cost to the assembly. The clevis will be heat treated to A668 Class F.

High-strength turnbuckles are also not readily available. When designing or working with high-strength tie rod assemblies, sleeve nuts are often considered in lieu of the turnbuckle.

In some instances, to gain further strength in a tie rod assembly, it may be most economical to choose a larger configuration of assembly.

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    HI there. We are interested in a high strength clevis and turnbuckle. We want to use it as the end of a brace on a tractor. Do you have any recommendations? Sizing would vary, but looking approximately 4″ long, we can custom the spacing between the clevis ears… any help would be appreciated! (I used to work with you guys a while ago when I was at Haskell Corp. You guys make a good product!!)

    @Manessa- We are able to supply high strength clevises and turnbuckles one of two ways.
    Standard dimension clevises/turnbuckles can be heat treated to one of the grades of ASTM A668, or we are able to custom machine parts to meet your needs if the standard style is not workable. With custom machining, anything is possible – we can work to your design. We are not able to engineer these or make specific recommendations, but can certainly quote specials once you decide what you are needing.

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