Are F1554 grade 36 bolts always weldable?

F1554 Grade 36 bolts are considered weldable, and the current version of the specification specifically states this. Section 6.4 of the ASTM 1554-15 specification reads as follows:

6.4 Weldability —

Grade 36 anchor bolts are considered weldable

F1554 also allows for weldable Grade 55 to be substituted at the manufacturer’s discretion. The specification also notes that even though F1554 Grade 36 and 55 utilize limits on carbon content, there are multiple factors that can potentially affect weldability. Be sure to follow proper welding procedures for your bolt’s grade, chemistry and condition (hot-rolled, cold-drawn or heat-treated).

If your project requires weldable F1554 Grade 36, Portland Bolt can provide that. We have an extensive stock of F1554 Grade 36 bolts and round bar that can be turned into custom bolts. Portland Bolt uses A36 steel to manufacture our F1554 Grade 36 anchor bolts, a steel which is weldable. In addition, all of our F1554 Grade 55 meets the S1 supplement for weldability, so we can guarantee that your needs will be meet. Give one of our knowledgeable team members a call, and we can help provide you weldable F1554 Grade 36 bolts.

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    We sheared off a 1-1/4″ A1554 Gr.36 galvanized anchor bolt is it possible to weld it and if so what type of welding procedure would you recommend?

    @James- F1554g36 is designed to be weldable and should follow the same welding procedures for other mild steel. However, a welded repair may not be as strong as the original anchor bolt. An engineer should be consulted to make sure the joint is still safe.

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