Can all three grades of F1554 anchor bolts be galvanized?

The answer to this question is yes! All three grades within the ASTM F1554 specification, Grade 36, Grade 55, and Grade 105, can be either hot-dip galvanized or mechanically galvanized.  The issues of hydrogen embrittlement and/or mechanical properties being alerted during galvanizing are not an issue with any of these three grades.  In Section 7 – Protective Coatings, the F1554 Specification states that hot-dip galvanizing must be done in accordance with ASTM Specification F2329, as well as stating that mechanical galvanizing must be done in accordance with Specification B695, Class 55. It further goes on to state in Section 7.1.4 that, “When no preference is specified, the supplier may furnish either..” of these finishes at their discretion so long as the corresponding components (bolts and nuts) are coated by the same process. Other coatings (such as zinc plating) may be used under Section 7.2 – Other Coatings, but in the case of coatings other than the two expressly outlined in the F1554 Specification, the responsibility lies with the purchaser to include the appropriate specification covering the desired coating as part of their purchase order.

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    we are needing a price on Galvanized Anchor rod grade 36 ASTMF1554 1″x 30″ with 6″ of thread on each end with 2 nuts and 2 washers each total of 108 shipped to Moundsille WV 26040

    @Scott- Thank you for the inquiry, one of our estimators will be contacting you to discuss this shortly.

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