Does Portland Bolt have any engineers on staff to help design my project?

Unfortunately, Portland Bolt does not have any engineers on staff. For this reason and due to liability issues, we are unable to make recommendations with regard to quantity, size, configuration, or grades of fasteners for specific applications. By the time we get involved in manufacturing bolts for a construction project, an architect and engineer have already designed the project and specified the appropriate fasteners that we produced to a set of (ASTM) industry standards.  These types of questions should be directed to a structural engineer.

Since we are never involved in the installation of our bolts, we are not experts when it comes to installation, nor do we pretend to be. We can provide some basic information including torque values, torque as it relates to anchor bolt installation, turn of the nut method, reusing bolts, etc. However, any technical installation questions should be answered by the Engineer of Record.

We are, however, experts when it comes to the manufacture of anchor bolts and nonstandard construction fasteners.  Portland Bolt can assist with providing strength requirements by grade, nut compatibility, fastener identification markings, as well as other technical information especially as they relate to ASTM fastener specifications. Our sales team will be more than happy to help with these types of questions as well as providing a quote for your fastener needs.

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