Does Portland Bolt sell clevises and turnbuckles?

Portland Bolt supplies tie-rod assemblies with clevises and turnbuckles on a regular basis. However, in most instances, we do not provide the clevises and turnbuckles unless we are manufacturing the rods. There are a couple of key reasons for this.

Probably the most important reason is that when we provide all the components of the tie-rod assembly, you’ll know everything fits. We assemble the rods with the clevises and/or turnbuckles to ensure that all of the components fit before the tie-rods arrive at their destination. Because there is significantly more thread engagement with clevises and turnbuckles than with a nut, it’s more likely there could be an issue with the fit. If the tie-rods were manufactured by a company that did not have the means to properly gauge the threads, or had faulty or worn out threading equipment, it could result in a lead error in the threading. This could result in an improper fit with the clevises and turnbuckles. If the assemblies are galvanized, it becomes even more vital that the rods be assembled before arriving on the jobsite.

Secondly, Portland Bolt is a manufacturer of the tie-rods themselves. While we do supply clevises and turnbuckles, we do not manufacture them or keep a running inventory on them. We would simply be acting as a broker. Also, similarly to the preceding paragraph, there is the possibility of an issue with the rods not fitting properly with the clevises or turnbuckles. If all of those components are coming from different suppliers, it could be a hindrance to a speedy resolution to the problem.

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    Have these assemblies been tested with ASTM A615 Gr. 40 or Gr. 60 in sides from #8 to
    #11 and #14? These would be a great help in connecting from a cast-in foundation to a precast
    Thanks for your help.
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    @Marvin – We are not aware of any testing done on those rebar grades with clevises and turnbuckles. The clevises and turnbuckles are rated by the AISC to handle specific loads, but those loads are not specific to any certain grade of steel bar.

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