What size drill is required for use with your shear plate dapping tools?

Drill Chuck SizeBoth the shear plate dapping tool and the split ring grooving tool require a heavy duty drill or drill press with a 3/4” minimum chuck size. Many of the small, cordless drills on the market only have a 3/8” or 1/2” chuck and would not be able to open their chuck wide enough to accept the dapping or grooving tools bit. Furthermore, drills of this size would not be capable of generating enough torque to maintain sufficient rpm’s for the bit to function properly.  Generally speaking, any drill with a 3/4” (or larger) chuck should be capable of generating enough torque to properly use either of the tools.

More informationabout dapping and grooving tools (including an installation video) is available at www.shearplates.com


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