What grade are Portland Bolt’s Clevises and Turnbuckles?

Clevis with cotter pin

For most tie rod assemblies that Portland Bolt provides, the clevises would be forged per ASTM A668 Class A, while the turnbuckles would be forged per ASTM A668 Class C. ASTM A668 is a general forging specification. An additional ASTM specification F1145 also covers turnbuckles specifically.

If higher strength clevises are required to develop the strength of high strength rods, clevises can be heat treated all the way through ASTM A668 Class F. If higher strength turnbuckles are required, sleeve nuts, in lieu of turnbuckles, should be considered. Sleeve nuts are available in many grades, but most high strength applications will use either ASTM A563 Grade DH or A194 Grade 2H.

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    Do you have the load capacity for each rod and turnbuckle size can take? If yes, where could I find the info. ?

    Thank you.

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