Can I buy small quantities from Portland Bolt?

Yes, you can. Although Portland Bolt is a manufacturer, we are not the type of company that sets up and runs tens of thousands of common, standard-sized bolts. We can, and often do, set up to make just a handful of custom construction fasteners if that is what is required. We should clarify that this applies primarily to custom manufactured bolts. We are not set up as a retail store that sends out small amounts of standard, common “off-the-shelf” bolts that can be found through most any fastener distributor.

We sometimes define ourselves as a “job shop,” meaning most of our orders are turned around in two weeks or less, and every order is different based on the specific requirements of the project. While we have provided bolts on many large projects, we have provided custom bolts for even more smaller scale construction projects.

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    I’m finding large (1″) Hex Lag Screws hard to find from “fastener distributors.” Perhaps you can recommend a source that stocks your products?

    @Charlie- The largest off-the-shelf hex lag screws are 3/4″. Larger sizes like 1″ we are able to custom manufacture at our facility. We don’t sell thru distribution, we would be happy to quote you on your needs.

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