Does Portland Bolt manufacture bolts from 44W steel?

Yes. 44W / 300W is the Canadian version of A36 steel, and is a grade within the CSA G40.21-04 specification. The Canadian Standards Association specification G40.21 covers structural quality steel plates, shapes, sheet, sheet piling, cold-formed channels, hollow sections, Z sections, and bars. 44W steel has slightly higher mechanical requirements than A36, which are summarized in the chart below. The “44” designates the minimum yield strength of the steel (44 ksi) and is sometimes referred to by its metric equivalent, 300W, in which the 300 refers to the minimum yield strength in megapascal (MPa).

Mechanical properties 44W / 300W A36
Tensile 65 to 85 ksi 58 to 80 ksi
Yield 44 ksi min 36 ksi min
Elongation 20% min in 8″, 23% min in 2″ 18% min in 8″, 21% min in 2″

All of Portland Bolts mild steel round bar is rolled to meet both A36 and 44W and is the mill test reports carry a dual certification. We commonly manufacture bolts and fasteners to the 44W specification. Last year we shipped product to 8 of the 10 provinces in Canada and we average over 5 Canadian shipments per week.

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    A36 strength is lower… I don’t quite understand how 44W will be the equivalent of A36.

    Shouldn’t A36 equivalent be F1554 A36?

    @Andrew- Yes, A36 has a lower yield strength than 44W steel. However, 44W is the structural standard in Canada like A36 is in the US. Virtually all US mills manufacture their merchant bar A36 to also meet the requirements of 44W. So whereas you are correct that the two standards are not exact equivalents, virtually all merchant bar meets the requirements of both standards. As for your F1554G36 question, that is a finished anchor bolt standard. Many times those bolts are made from A36 steel, but F1554 is specific to threaded anchor bolts and A36 is specific to raw steel bars.

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