Does Portland Bolt make body bound bolts?

Portland Bolt cannot manufacture a body bound type bolt. An example of a body bound or tight-fitting bolt is one in which precision is required in order to hold together parts of machinery or similar applications to prevent the slightest change of position of one part on another. This type of bolt must be supplied with Unified National Course (UNC) class 3A/3B thread fit which requires very tight tolerances where both thread fit and the bolt grip dimensions are critical. These types of bolts are commonly made on lathes which will produce the required tolerances needed. Here at Portland Bolt we specialize in larger custom manufactured bolts for the construction industry that do not require the precision machining and tight tolerances required for body bound bolts.

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    12 PCS 1 / 2-13 X 3-1 / 4 ” GR 8 HEX HEAD BODY BOUND BOLTS
    FULL BODY DIAMETER .500″ + .000″ – .002″
    1 / 2-13 X 1-1/ 2 ” THREAD LENGTH
    REF PART # 50C325BBB8

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