What Dimensional Specification Covers Bent Bolts?

ASME, a global standards organization, provides dimensional guidelines and dimensional tolerances for a wide variety of fasteners and related items. Bent bolts, such as 90-degree bend anchor bolts, U-bolts, and eye bolts, fall under ASME B18.31.5.

ASME B18.31.5 provides information regarding tolerances and quality, and their drawings also indicate where the bolts should be measured from when they are being specified. For instance, the below drawing shows where ASME (and Portland Bolt) will measure a bent anchor bolt, and it’s from inside dimensions.

Similarly, U-bolts are measured from inside dimensions:

There is one particular bolt that Portland Bolt measures differently than the ASME drawings. For bent eye bolts, it is common industry practice to measure from under the eye:

Dimensioned Closed Eye Bolt

ASME standards show the measurement coming from the top inside of the eye:

When providing a quote, Portland Bolt can provide a drawing clearly showing the measurements of the bolts being quoted, so there is no confusion as to what is being quoted or ordered.

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    @Bharat- ASME does have a metric set of dimensional standards, but we are not familiar enough with them to know if a U-Bolt specific standard exists. Apologies.

    I’m looking for a Bent bolt.

    D – 3/8th
    T – 1
    L – 3″
    C – 1″

    I’ll need it to Machine to a Number 10 screw.
    Please let me know is this is Possible.

    @Elias- We are sorry, but we are unable to manufacture anything that small. 1/2″ diameter is the smallest diameter we are able to manufacture.

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