What is the ASTM specification for stainless steel washers?

Stainless steel washers are not made to an ASTM specification; they are only made to raw material specifications. Most stainless steel ASTM bolt specifications refer to the raw material specification they are made from as the appropriate washer to use in conjunction with the bolt. Hence, an ASTM A193 or A320 grade B8M bolt, made from type 316 stainless steel, requires a type 316 stainless steel washer. An ASTM A193 or A320 grade B8 bolt, made from type 304 stainless steel, requires a type 304 stainless steel washer. These standard washers are typically made to the dimensional tolerances of ASME B18.21.1.

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    @Lakhan- There are two common ASTM standards for stainless steel fasteners, ASTM A193 and F593. You can find summaries of both standards on our website to help in making a choice.

    @Dileep- ASTM F593 has a marking of F593G for 316 stainless bolts in condition CW from 1/4″ to 5/8″ diameter. ASTM A276 is a generic raw material standard and would not exactly cross over to F593G due to the work hardening that occurs during the bolt manufacturing process.

    I need to specify ASTM F593 screws and F594 Nuts, What would the ASTM spec be for Flat & LOck washers.

    @Gil Jones – Unfortunately, there are no ASTM standards for stainless flat or lock washers. Typically speaking, commercial SS304 or SS316 washers are supplied with F593 bolts.

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