Can I order bolts to the ASTM A687 specification?

ASTM A687 was withdrawn in 1999. The specification covered high-strength non-headed steel bolts and studs.  Below are the mechanical properties as well as Charpy Testing requirements:

Yield Strength (KSI) Tensile Strength (KSI) Elongation % Reduction of Area % Foot-Lbs (Ave-min) Temperature
105 Min. 150 Max. 15 Min. 45 Min. 15 -20F

While it is possible to still order bolts meeting the requirements of the A687 specification prior to its withdrawal, engineers should consider moving towards a current ASTM specification depending on the application. The following ASTM fastener specifications are similar in chemical and mechanical requirements to A687: F1554 Grade 105 for anchor bolts embedded in concrete, A354 Grade BC for general purpose applications, A320 Grade L7 for low temperature service, or A193 Grade B7 for high temperature/high pressure use.

In addition, the old A687 specification doesn’t list any recommended nuts and washers. When ordering A687 bolts, the purchaser and manufacturer would have to make assumptions on compatibility that may or may not work with the application. Current ASTM fastener specifications will have a dedicated section for compatible nuts and washers.

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