Is rotational capacity testing required for A325 bolts?

Rotational capacity testing  a test “intended to evaluate the presence of lubricant, the efficiency of lubricant, and the compatibility of assemblies.” The test is intended primarily for galvanized fasteners, and fasteners that must be fully tensioned in structural applications.

With A325 bolts now falling under the new F3125 specification, which covers high strength structural bolts, there has been a change with regards to the rotational capacity testing requirements. Previously, rotational capacity testing was required to be performed by the manufacturer or supplier of galvanized structural bolt assemblies, which includes bolt, nut, and washer(s). Now though, under the aforementioned F3125 specification, the test is a supplementary requirement (S4), which states “When specified on the inquiry and order, rotational capacity testing in accordance with Annex A2 shall be performed by the responsible party.”

Portland Bolt is able to perform rotational capacity testing in the testing lab in our facility. As noted above, the test would need to be requested on your inquiry and/or purchase order.


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