Can Portland Bolt manufacture A325 countersunk bolts?

With the introduction of the new ASTM F3125 specification in 2015 which now covers the A325 specification, alternate head styles are allowed, provided the heads are stamped “A325S.”  If you need a countersunk bolt in the A325 specification, it can now be manufactured under the F3125 specification with this “A325S” head stamp requirement.

The A325 specification specifically states that an A325 must be a heavy hex head structural bolt, so a countersunk bolt cannot be manufactured to the A325 specification. The specification also advises that for any other general application, in this case a countersunk bolt, where the strength of an A325 is required, the A449 specification should be used as it has virtually identical strength and chemical properties. Portland Bolt can manufacture the A449 countersunk bolts in other grades as well, starting at ½” through 1½” diameter. If the grade of a countersunk bolt is ever in question, it would always be best to contact Portland Bolt and discuss the grade options.

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    What will be the torque value for ASTM A325 countersunk and mechanically galvanized bolts? Is it about 70% of the torque value for a regular A325 mechanical galvanized bolt? Thanks!

    Just realized that there is no ASTM A 325 countersunk bolts. However, what is the torque value for A449 countersunk and mechanically galvanized bolt? Thanks!

    @Peter- Torque requirements are very subjective and will vary depending on application. That said, since galvanized bolts have a tendency to gall, our guess is that the torque needed on your mechanically galvanized bolt will be 25-50% higher than a corresponding plain finish bolt.

    @Amin- I assume you mean A325 and A325M bolts? The only difference is that A325M bolts are metric (mm) in size, and A325 bolts are imperial (inch).

    @Dan – Special countersunk A449 bolts can be made upon request, but I am not aware of anyone stocking them.

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