Can Portland Bolt manufacture A325 countersunk bolts?

The short answer is, yes! In 2015, ASTM created F3125 which is a new, all-inclusive specification for structural bolts that consolidated and replaced the following six stand-alone ASTM standards: A325, A325M, A490, A490M, F1852 and F2280. Under the new F3125 specification, A325 fasteners can be made in head styles other than heavy hex as long the as the bolts are stamped with “A325S”. The “S” on the end of the grade marking denotes “special”. Under the new F3125 specification, Portland Bolt is able to manufacture A325 bolts in countersunk form and many other head styles. F3125 Grade A490 countersunk bolts can also be manufactured.

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    @Vishnu- We are able to manufacture them as specials as long as the diameter and length fall within out capabilities, but they are not available off the shelf.

    What will be the torque value for ASTM A325 countersunk and mechanically galvanized bolts? Is it about 70% of the torque value for a regular A325 mechanical galvanized bolt? Thanks!

    Just realized that there is no ASTM A 325 countersunk bolts. However, what is the torque value for A449 countersunk and mechanically galvanized bolt? Thanks!

    @Peter- Torque requirements are very subjective and will vary depending on application. That said, since galvanized bolts have a tendency to gall, our guess is that the torque needed on your mechanically galvanized bolt will be 25-50% higher than a corresponding plain finish bolt.

    @Amin- I assume you mean A325 and A325M bolts? The only difference is that A325M bolts are metric (mm) in size, and A325 bolts are imperial (inch).

    @Dan – Special countersunk A449 bolts can be made upon request, but I am not aware of anyone stocking them.

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