Are 3/8” diameter F1554 Grade 36 anchor bolts available?

No they are not, although this is a somewhat recent change. In the 2015 version of the ASTM F1554 specification, the smallest diameter allowed was changed from ¼” to ½”. This means that prior to 2015, 3/8” diameter F1554 anchor bolts were allowable, but since then it is no longer an option. The F16 committee of ASTM (the committee that oversees the F1554 specification) made this change to help clarify the intended use of F1554 anchor bolts. The most common size of all thread rod used in the United States is 3/8” and is used primarily for residential and smaller commercial projects. The committee made the change to omit these smaller sizes because they wanted F1554 anchor bolts to be used for structural anchorage, which is the intended application.

Portland Bolt manufactures F1554 anchor bolts to order in our 140,000 square foot facility. If you have any questions about F1554 or any other fastener specification, give one of our helpful team members a call, and we’ll be happy to help however we can.

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