Are twenty foot lengths (20’) of all thread rod available?

all_thread_rod_close20’ lengths of all thread rod are not commercially available off the shelf and would have to be custom made to order. In most instances, all thread rod is cut to length and it is more economical to use more sticks of standard 12 foot and shorter sizes. If a 20 foot connection is needed, and the application allows, it is more economical for us to manufacture the rod with only the needed amount of thread on each end. If the application truly needs to be all thread longer than 12 feet in length Portland Bolt can thread it if necessary.



    Are you able to provide design Calc for 3/8-1″ dia rods
    Need for project in Arora Colorado need 20″-0″

    @Robert- We are happy to talk you through available materials and their respective chemical and mechanical properties, but we do not have any engineering calculations available.

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