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Fastener Strength Terminology

What does yield, tensile, reduction of area, proof load, hardness, elongation, and shear mean in the context of fastener strength?

The following terms are measurements of strength that are commonly used in the fastener industry. All ASTM and SAE graded fasteners possess requirements for some or all of these strength characteristics. Our Strength Requirements by Grade Chart will provide a list of these strength requirements for each specification. Yield The yield strength or yield point of... Read more

Anchor Bolt Pullout Strength

What is the Pullout Strength of Portland Bolt’s Anchor Bolts?

This is a question that we are asked on a regular basis, and one that we do not have a clear answer for due to the variety of factors involved in making this calculation. Anchor bolt pull out strength is the force required to pull a single bolt out of its foundation. In order to... Read more

Calculating Yield & Tensile Strength

How do I determine the yield and tensile strength of a specific diameter of bolt?

In most cases, the strength of a given material used to make a fastener has strength requirements or parameters described as pounds per square inch (psi) or thousands of pounds per square inch (ksi). This is helpful when analyzing what grade of material should be used for a given application, but this doesn’t tell us... Read more