John Comments

Often times the best part of my day was having to call John and then spending a few moments discussing other matters. My condolences to his family they have suffered a great loss. Rest in Peace John.

Michael F.

“Wunder” will be greatly missed from both a personal and professional perspective. He was a very unique individual with a great sense of humor, a hearty laugh, and hilarious stories. When I first started with the company, he was was very helpful and patient when I had questions that I’m sure seemed elementary to him. Condolences to his family, whom he spoke about with pride.

Mike Monlux

John Wunderlich was one of the most candid and hilarious individuals that I have ever met. His personality made everyone’s day more enjoyable. Interacting with John was one of the things I looked forward to every week day. John gave us all so many fun memories to remember him by, it won’t be the same without him.

Michael Gordian

I worked with John for over 17 years and it was always a pleasure to talk to him. We often talked of things beyond the scope of just business and I consider him a friend, not just a business contact. You will be greatly missed..

Robert L.

A shock to hear this – may peace be with you, John.

Shawn S.

I never got the opportunity to meet John face to face but he was always a great person to speak with and very professional. He always did a great job and you could see he loved what he was doing. He will be missed in the industry, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Allan C.

This is a very sad day. I very much enjoyed working with John and will truly miss him. I wish his family the best during this terrible time. John, I enjoyed being your “go to guy.” ~Brit

Brit A.

John and I worked together for 30 years, we golfed together for 10 years until his back left him unable to play, we took sales trips together, but most of all we laughed together every day. He had the greatest laugh when he laughed the entire office laughed. He was a big part of my life and I will miss him dearly.

Gary Rusynyk

I am so sorry for your loss. Like many others, I never met John in person but spoke with him over the phone countless times. He was one of the first people I started dealing with nearly 10 years ago when I started working for my company out of college. Back then I was very much a rookie; I probably had 100 questions for every order I placed, but John was very kind and patient with me and answered every question I had. I will miss our conversations which did at times spur off from just talking nuts and bolts. I extend my deepest sympathies to John’s family and friends. You will be in my prayers.

Chris T.

Like many have posted before me, I have never met Mr. Wunderlich. However, he has been an incredible resource for me with 3 different companies. John was always prompt in responding to inquiries and helpful in determining exactly what I needed. I am saddened by his passing and will miss my intermittent interactions with him.

Jake S.

I worked with John over many years and enjoyed doing so very much. We manufacture Glued Laminated Timber, something John knew a bit about. Both Portland Bolt and his customers will miss him, us included. Sympathy to all his family, co-workers and friends.

Trygve R.

I never met the man face to face but have spoken to him on the phone countless times over the last thirty years. He was always honest and always professional with me. He seemed to be a man with integrity. From a business aspect he is a resource I will sorely miss. From a personal standpoint I considered him a friend and so too will miss him. My deepest sympathy to his friends, family, and loved ones.

Steve J.

Tim, I’m so sorry bud. You’re dad is one of the nicest, most considerate, helpful, and professional people I have met in my 30 years here
at PF. John started at PB 2 months before I started at PF. I also have very good memories of you Tim from when we worked
together here at PF. Whenever I had lunch with John or ran into him at the sub shop, he always had a lot of good to inform me about you.
My prayers are with you Tim. Take care and I wish you the best. You’re friend , Kim

Kim A.

I never met John but felt like I knew him personally in just our phone conversations when ordering or obtaining a cost estimate for materials. A very professional and friendly individual who never failed to get you what you needed. It seemed that I always gave him the information at the last minute and never gave him much time to do the pricing for me but rest assured, when I came in the next morning there would be an email with what I was wanting. A conversation with John was always a welcome note with his knowledge of the construction industry and the fastener business his strong suit.

Portland Bolt has lost a solid member of their organization and it will take some extended effort and big shoes to fill in behind John. My condolences to John’s family, friends and the PB team.

Glenn L.

This is incredibly sad news. I have dealt with John for so many years it feels like losing family. He was the best at what he did and was the only guy I have called for years, John had become a dear friend and I will miss dealing with him greatly. My deepest condolences to John’s family and coworkers, this is such sad, sad news to me.

Jeff D.

John will be missed! I always think, “I need to talk to John about ordering some bolts”, then I think…..I need to call Portland Bolt.

Scott W.

From all of us here, our thoughts and prayers are with John’s family.

Jim M.

John was loved and respected by not only his coworkers, but his customers as well. Over the past 30 years, John played an integral role in the success of our organization. His dedication to his career and his estimating expertise were outstanding traits. John’s sense of humor brightened everyone’s day. John will be missed.

Greg Lindsay