Rathdrum, ID, USA

The state of Idaho needed a power supply that met the discharge and water reuse requirements of local authorities, which led to the design and construction of the Rathdrum Power Plant. The result was a new natural gas fire combined cycle power plant with a 270-megawatt capacity and a zero liquid discharge wastewater system. With the use of a multi-cell cooling tower, the two-stage cooling system is responsible for the onsite disposal of all processed wastewater. The design for the facility also included General Electric 7A Combustion. This combined cycle power plant is operated as an independent power producer that generates electricity that is delivered to the utility.

In May of 2018, Portland Bolt manufactured custom fasteners for a project at the Rathdrum Power Plant. The fasteners required were 1-1/4” diameter SAE J429 Grade 5 hex bolts and 1” diameter A193B7 fully threaded studs. In addition to Portland Bolt manufacturing these fasteners, they also needed to be sent out for zinc plating. Portland bolt hot-dip galvanizes in house, but also provides special plating services, such as zinc plating per ASTM F1941. With the knowledge that Portland Bolt partners with companies to provide custom fasteners in their finished state, the bolts were made per the customer’s requirements and shipped to the job site as needed.

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