Hazen, NV, USA

The Patua Geothermal Power Plant is a 60 MW modular binary cycle power plant located in Hazen, Nevada. The Patua Plant is currently the largest binary plant ever constructed. The plant’s output is supplied to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District under a 21-year power purchase agreement. The plant will provide baseload energy around the clock, except for planned and forced shortages. Initially, it will produce 500GWh per year, which will eventually increase to 1,000 GWh per year. The plant also features an advanced supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle and improved air-cooling technology.

In the Winter of 2019, Portland bolt was awarded the fastener package for this project. The fastener requirement consisted primarily of anchor rods and fully threaded studs. The anchor rods were manufactured to the ASTM F1554 Grade 55 specification and were threaded on each end. The majority of the fastener requirements were made up of fully threaded studs meeting ASTM A307B as well as A193B7. The bolts required also included ASTM A307B heavy hex bolts. The anchor rods, studs, and heavy hex bolts were all hot-dip galvanized. In total, there was approximately 22,000 lbs worth of material shipped out to the job site. Portland Bolt manufactures and supplies a wide variety of fasteners, which put this requirement right in our wheelhouse. We also hot-dip galvanize in house, which allowed us to have full control over the production, maintaining a set schedule, which resulted in the parts arriving on site when needed.

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