Barstow, CA, USA

In mid-2012, the contractor performing the installation and erection of the Harper Lake Solar Field Test Loop outside Barstow, California found themselves in a bind and contacted Portland Bolt. The project had originally been specified with metric anchor rod assemblies, but the delay involved with importing the metric rods from overseas was in danger of throwing the job off schedule. Portland Bolt worked with the contractor and the engineer in Germany responsible for the project to come up with an imperial equivalent that could be rapidly manufactured and galvanized in our facility and delivered on site by the time critical date needed to keep the project on schedule.

With our in house galvanizing line, Portland Bolt was able to push the anchor rod assemblies through our manufacturing facility on an expedited schedule and deliver over 5,000 pounds of custom galvanized anchor rod assemblies on site within 12 days. As the contractor stated in a subsequent email, they “..did not have to spend time cleaning threads on bolts which made the job in the field that much faster/easier..” and “..all ordered parts were received promptly (so we) did not have to track down missing nuts or bolts.”

The anchor rod assemblies which included custom square plate washers that were fabricated on Portland Bolt’s iron worker were delivered on site and tied to reinforcing steel and a pre-manufactured bolt template. The entire assembly was then placed in a drilled shaft that was filled with concrete to become the support caissons anchoring the solar collector mirror assemblies.

After 100 years of experience as a custom anchor bolt manufacturer, the contractor knew that they could rely on us to provide the correct products, that the order would arrive on time, and that all materials would come with a full and complete certification package. Do you have a project with a time critical delivery schedule? Contact one of our experienced estimators today to discuss how we can help you out!

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