Coos County, OR, USA

Many of the culverts along US 101 and OR 38 in Douglas County and Coos Counties are aging and damaged. Poor drainage and erosion have compromised the integrity of the road surface over the years while other culverts have been presenting a barrier to fish passage. In the Fall of 2015, 30 culverts along OR 38 had to be replaced. In 2017and 2018, several large culverts were replaced with bridges, providing a natural streambed for fish. This project was expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

In January of 2018, Portland Bolt provided the anchor bolts required for the bridge rail. The required anchor bolts were F1554 Grade 105 and had a forged hex head, which are common for bridge rail applications but not readily available in the marketplace. Portland Bolt has the ability to hot forge headed anchor bolts, which the contractor knew due to previous work with Portland Bolt on many similar projects. Since this was also an ODOT project, the anchor bolts required a Charpy Impact Test. Portland Bolt also hot-dip galvanizes in house, which ensured the anchor bolts would arrive at the job site ahead of schedule.

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