Kapolei, HI

In the Summer of 2018, the University of Hawaii was awarded a $33 million contract to build a new creative media building on the school’s campus in Kapolei, Hawaii. The new building will encompass 42,000 square feet of production space including editing suites, a sound stage, and a 100-seat screening room. In addition to the screening room, the facility features a mixing stage, Esports arena, post-production suites, an emerging media lab, incubator space, and industry-standard sound stage. The multi-million-dollar media center will also feature a cafe, three computer labs, and sound mixing suites. The building was complete in June 2020, and ready for student use in the fall 2020 semester. According to the director of the Academy for Creative Media, all the equipment and technology in the building is equivalent to what can be found in Hollywood, allowing students to get hands-on experience. The program also works with a variety of community colleges and public high schools. Students can take classes to earn college credit and transition into receiving a bachelor’s degree.

In April of 2019, Portland Bolt was contacted by a steel fabricator to manufacture the anchor bolts required for this job. The anchor bolt requirement consisted of both headed anchor bolts as well as 90-degree bent anchor bolts. The ASTM grade specified for the anchor bolts was F1554 Grade 36 and due to the corrosive environment in Hawaii, they also needed to be hot-dip galvanized per ASTM F2329. In Addition to the anchor bolts, Portland Bolt was asked to provide the templates required for setting the anchor bolts in the concrete. The advantage of having Portland Bolt provide the entire assembly is that all of the components have been checked by one company to make sure everything fits for ease of installation. Every day counts on the job site and Portland Bolt was able to get the anchor bolt assemblies onsite as the schedule required.

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