Detroit, MI, USA

Since 2012, Detroit’s East Riverfront has been undergoing a 6 million dollar transformation from an unusable urban downtown into an outdoor community area. The riverfront will have an artificial sanded beach, walkable green spaces, and a playscape with plenty of surrounding seating. At the center is a shelter for beachgoers called “The Shed”. The 1000-square-foot open-air structure will host community events with space for food and beverage retailers. The Shed is outfitted with garage-style vertical sliding doors and a patio with an overhanging ceiling.

The Shed required a half ton of F1554 Grade 55 anchor rods and hardware. Portland Bolt assembled, welded, and galvanized the bolts, nuts, and washers right here in our facility so they could arrive on site ready for installation. Our shop has a wide range of capabilities that ensure customers get their product in a completed state with no hassle. If your project requires custom anchor bolts, give one of our experienced estimators a call and they will gladly assist you.

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