Seattle, WA, United States

A threaded rod with a clevis assembled on each end is known as a tie-rod assembly, and Portland Bolt manufactures thousands of these assemblies each year for a wide range of projects. The threaded rods and clevises are often used as bracing in wood or steel buildings and can often be found attached to steel columns or trusses in large buildings. More common still, they can be found by just looking up at the front of building for awnings, and in the case of the Stack House apartments in Seattle, Washington, they can be found all over the side of the buildings as supports for balconies that protrude from the sides of the complex. Not only are these assemblies imperative in supporting the balcony and the residents that will utilize them, but they are also very much a part of the aesthetic intent for the envelope of the building to showcase the design for the side of the buildings and the balconies. On this particular project, Portland Bolt supplies tie rod assembly with 5/8” diameter threaded rods ranging from 14-7/8” to 73-3/8” long with a hot-dip galvanized finish and a hot-dip galvanized #2 clevis assembly on each end.

Portland Bolt manufactures threaded rods and hot-dip galvanizes them in our own hot-dip galvanizing facility that is specialized for threaded fasteners. This allows the threads to be clean of imperfections that would prevent thread fit. Portland Bolt also assembles all clevises, turnbuckles, or sleeve nuts in any tie-rod assembly that we manufacture to have 100% certainty of thread fit to avoid any last second delays on an installation on a jobsite. Portland Bolt also takes great pride in our ability to properly assemble, mark, and package tie-rod assembly orders with many different assemblies with many different lengths and mark numbers. Our customers know that time is money and know the value of having an order arrive not only on-time, but 100% correct and easily identifiable for instant use on a time sensitive construction schedule.

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