Ashland, OR, United States

In the beginning of 2017, Irvine Vineyards, located near Ashland, Oregon, decided to build a new tasting room after adding on acreage.  The project followed the decision to increase production over the next two years from approximately 6,000 cases of pinot noir and chardonnay to 10,000 cases.  Irvine Vineyards has already established itself at tasting events, such as Harry & David and Old 99, so developing its own tasting room is considered a significant development.  The estate where the vineyard is located is adjacent to the Klamath/Siskiyou National Forest and is made up of volcanic red soil, which has excellent drainage.  In 2012, the vineyard expanded to 27 acres followed by an additional 28 acre acquisition.  The tasting room itself will be approximately 2,700 square feet and will be positioned above the vineyard at 2,200 feet elevation with the 10,000 square foot winery positioned nearby in the hillside.

In March of 2017, Portland Bolt manufactured the tie rod assemblies required for the upper portion of the tasting room.  There were two sizes with the smaller assembly measuring ¾” diameter and spanning approximately 5 feet overall.  The larger tie rod assembly was 1” in diameter, spanning approximately 104” overall.  Both tie rods had a clevis on each end with a turnbuckle in the middle for adjustment purposes.  Portland bolt manufactures custom tie rod assemblies on a regular basis, making our company a great source, especially due to the close proximity from our location to the jobsite.

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