Fayetteville, NC, USA

Fayetteville Regional Airport was built in 1969. Concourse A has not seen any major upgrades until now. The plan is to completely tear down the one-story building and replace it with a two-story concourse. The concourse will feature a new restaurant, elevator, and two jet-ways. This project is scheduled for completed in mid-2019. Expected completion for the entire project is projected to be in the next three to five years.

Portland Bolt provided galvanized anchor rods with a special expedited lead time. The provided anchor rods were F1554 Grades 36 and Grade 55 with a welded nut on the bottom. All items, including the custom plate washers, were manufactured in-house.

Contact Portland Bolt for your next project that requires custom anchor bolts. With the ability to hot-dip galvanize in house, Portland Bolt can ensure clean threads to fit a nut. Since everything is manufactured in-house, special requirements such as quick delivery dates can be met.

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