Springfield, New York, USA

Portland Bolt has a wide variety of clientele ranging from large contracting corporations to homeowners building their dream homes.  in their high-end residence.

Portland Bolt Contributions 

We worked with this client to determine which configuration of tie rod assembly would fit their vision and structural needs for their future home. Portland Bolt provided 6 tie rod assemblies complete with the rods, clevises, and connecting plates. Our Tie Rod Calculator can determine the correct rod length(s) from an overall pin-to-pin dimension.

Manufacturing Process 

Once we are given the required dimensions and have processed the order, Portland Bolt begins the manufacturing process. Our 140,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, which includes an in-house hot-dip galvanizing line, is capable of producing tie rods in virtually any diameter, grade, length, configuration, and finish.

The rods are first cut to length, threaded, and chamfered. Both left-hand and right-hand threads are integrated into a tie rod assembly in order to tighten the assembly once it has been installed. The plates were custom-made to fit the exact dimensions required for this job.

The client chose to have a plain, or black, finish for aesthetic reasons. The clevises are assembled to the rods before shipping to ensure proper fit.

Portland Bolt’s experienced salespeople will walk you through the process of ordering tie rod assemblies. Our “How to Order Tie Rod Assemblies” FAQ can also assist in the process. Need tie rod assemblies for your next project? Give us a call!

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