San Francisco, CA, USA

Pier 70, located at the Port of San Francisco, is the location of the port’s ship repair industry which sits on approximately 17 acres and is adjacent to the Crane Cove Park site. Crane Cove Park is a new park that spans approximately 9 acres and is located in the port’s Union Iron Works National Register District. The new park design includes restoration of the historic cranes, reuse of a historic building into a new café, a human powered boating center, and public waterfront access including a beach and boat launch. Other project goals were to create a design that would mitigate approximately 50 years of predicted sea level rise as well as ensuring safety in the case of a major earthquake, creating water efficient landscaping and energy efficient lighting. The project is anticipated to complete construction in March of 2018.

In June of 2017, Portland Bolt provided the anchor bolts for the Crane Cove Park project. The project required 112 anchor rods measuring 1-3/4” diameter and were 42” long. The grade of material required for the anchor rods was F1554 Grade 55 and needed to be hot dip galvanized due to its exposure to the elements. The anchor rods were also being used with anchor plates meeting A572 Grade 50. Due to Portland Bolt having the ability to hot dip galvanize in house and being a domestic manufacturer, which was a requirement for this project, we were chosen as the supplier for this job and got the parts to the jobsite to meet the contractor’s schedule.

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