Honolulu, HI

In April of 2019, the construction began of the Azure Ala Moana condominium tower. Sitting on a 1.1-acre site, the tower is a 41 story mixed-use tower, mostly consisting of 2 to 3 bedroom dwellings. In total, the tower will contain 330 condominium units along with 78 rentals, which are on their own separate two floors. The building will also have 21,268 square feet of commercial space as well as a public plaza. With 22 different floor plans ranging from studio apartments to three bedrooms, the price per condo can be anywhere from approximately $800,000 to $2.5 million.

During the first quarter of 2020, the parking garage and foundational framework were completed. During Hawaii’s quarantine time in April 2020, the concrete for the tenth floor was poured, making Azure Ala Moana 100 feet tall.  62 tons of blue glass, which is where the name “Azure” comes from, were installed on the lower levels and the residential levels through the summer. Concrete construction was on pace to be completed at an astonishing rate of one floor per week until the building reaches its projected 400 feet height. The building is targeted for completion by late summer or early fall of 2021.

In May of 2019, Portland Bolt manufactured the anchor bolt requirement for this project. The anchor bolt configuration required was a forged, headed anchor bolt, which engineers will often prefer over a rod with a nut on the embedded end. The various anchor bolt sizes required special marking as well as special packaging in wooden pallet crates, before shipping via ocean freight. Portland Bolt was also asked to provide the anchor templates. With the entire anchor bolt package being sourced by a single supplier, the contractor was able to receive the package on time for installation.

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