Tununak, AK, USA

The Village of Tununak, AK was losing around 5 feet of river bank every year. The boardwalk project was designed by the Federal Highway Administration and funded by the Denali Commission in an effort to help the village reclaim their shore.

Construction began on the job in the spring of 2015 and was completed by the end of the summer. The contractor built over 2,400 feet of boardwalk which was set on rows of wood piling laid every 7 feet.

Portland Bolt provided (5,000) 1/2″ diameter x 12″ long galvanized carriage bolts and over (300) 3/4″ diameter galvanized threaded rods to help hold the marine structure together. If you are a contractor working on a job in Alaska, or anywhere else in the world, contact Portland Bolt for your custom fastener needs.

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