Iquitos, Loreto, Peru

Featured on the TV show Extreme Treehouses II, the Treehouse Lodge sits near the banks of the Yarapa River in Peru. There aren’t any roads that lead you to the resort; the only method of transportation is by boat along the river. The lodge consists of 8 beautiful treehouses along with the main lodge where meals are served. The treehouses are connected by a network of suspension bridges and walkways. The lowest treehouse sits 25 feet above ground and the highest treehouse sits an amazing 65 feet above ground. The bungalows are connected to the trees by a network of anchoring systems.

Because Portland Bolt specializes in manufacturing anchor bolts, it was the perfect project for us to assist with. The anchor bolts where flown to Peru with the contractor, so timing was crucial to ensure they made the flight. Once at the jobsite, the anchor bolts were embedded in the tree trunks to ensure proper stabilization for the treehouses. Due to the moist atmosphere and corrosive properties of the wood, the anchor bolts all had to be hot-dip galvanized. With our in-house hot-dip galvanizing line, this played to the strengths of Portland Bolt and we were able to manufacture the materials in just 1 week for each treehouse order. Do you have a project that requires galvanized anchor bolts and you need it in a flash? Give Portland Bolt a call – we are ready to work with you on your next project!

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