Great Falls, MT, USA

Montana Refining Company is a refinery located in Great Falls, Montana, which produces around 10,000 barrels per day of various petroleum products. Since the 1960’s, Montana Refining Company has been the lead asphalt and asphalt related products supplier in the Great Falls area. They are also able to process heavy crude oil, which is transported to their site directly via a pipeline and railcar.  Montana Refining Company is one of the last small, independent refineries in the United States.

In June of 2012, Montana Refining Company hired a contractor to install a boiler exhaust stack, which had to be anchored to a concrete foundation. The anchor bolts required to hold down the exhaust stack were anything but standard. The anchor bolts required were 2” in diameter and 56-1/2” long with a 26” thread length. The grade of steel specified for the anchor bolts was ASTM F1554 Grade 55 and the configuration required was a forged hex head on the embedded end. In addition to the required nuts and washers that accompanied the anchor bolts, plastic anchor sleeves were also needed. The contractor hired to set the stack and who was given the task of procuring the anchor bolts called Portland Bolt to have these custom size anchor bolts manufactured from scratch. Since Portland Bolt forges various head styles onto bolts up to 2-1/2” in diameter, this was right up our alley. Not only did we possess the capabilities to make the anchor bolts, Portland Bolt also stocks F1554 Grade 55 round bar, which is locally rolled. This being the case, the anchor bolts were manufactured and delivered with plenty of time to spare.

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