N Little Rock, AR, US

Another phase of the connecting Arkansas Project is underway as of late 2023. The construction of the 30-crossing project started in the summer of 2020 with many different phases. The project is scheduled to facilitate access to five interstate highways and a major river crossing with heavy navigation traffic, addressing traffic congestion and incorporating various transportation modes, all within a densely populated urban region. The project involves replacing a 3,360-foot bridge spanning the Arkansas River, enhancing additional bridges along I-30, and expanding the width of I-30 in Little Rock.

This phase of the project focuses on the connection of Little Rock to North Little Rock via the I-30 westbound bridge that sits above the Arkansas River.

Over the following years from the start date in 2020, the reconstruction of the Arkansas River bridge will take place, including enhancements to the navigation channel passage. The project will also result in the addition of more lanes, a revamped interchange, the introduction of new ramps and frontage roads, and the construction of fresh bridges to facilitate improved connectivity on both sides of the interstate. Notably, in downtown Little Rock, there are plans to transform the U.S. Highway 10 interchange, which serves as the primary gateway to downtown, into a split-diamond interchange. While this transformation poses challenges for maintaining access to downtown Little Rock during the construction phase, the end result will disperse traffic entering downtown streets and create a spacious area that can be used for green space or redevelopment. North Little Rock will also witness the expansion of lanes, enhanced access through ramps and frontage roads, and improvements at roadway crossings.

Products supplied
Portland Bolt was chosen to manufacture 3,500 lbs of Various sizes of anchor rods and custom-size square plates that will be used in the upcoming phase of the construction. This being an Arkansas DOT job, all material had to be manufactured domestically to meet the requirements for the job. Both lengths of the galvanized ⅞” diameter anchor rods being used for this project met the requirement of F1554 Grade 55 and were used with ¼” x 3” galvanized A36 plates and A563-DH nuts.

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