Bennington, VT, USA

When a steel fabricator in Missouri needed some special domestically manufactured anchor rods for sign structures on a highway project in Vermont, they turned to Portland Bolt. The project called for A193 grade B8 class 2 stainless steel anchor rods. Portland Bolt supplied 3,000 pounds of domestic rods, nuts, and lock washers for this project.

Portland Bolt has a tremendous amount of experience working with State Departments of Transportation throughout the United States and provides 100% domestically manufactured products for all federally funded highway projects.  We email your test reports when your order ships so that they are available for the DOT inspector before your bolts arrive. In addition to anchor bolts for overhead sign structures, Portland Bolt provides concrete median barrier pins, structural bolts for bridges, anchor bolts for bridge rail, and anchor bolts for light poles and traffic signal poles. We are preapproved in many states that require preapproval including PennDOT.

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