Florence, OR, USA

The Siuslaw River Coast Guard station is located in Florence Oregon on the Siuslaw River and was established in 1917. It is one of twelve operational Coast Guard stations in Oregon. Due to the narrowness of the river’s entrance it can become quite treacherous and difficult to cross the bar. The station’s primary missions are providing search and rescue to commercial mariners and escorting fishing vessels across the bar.

In the fall of 2013 Portland Bolt provided approximately 1,400 pounds of ¾ x 9+ foot hot-dip galvanized float rods in several lengths for much needed repairs on the docks. Because this is a Coast Guard station, there was a Buy America clause requiring all material be domestic. All of Portland Bolt’s 1,000,000+ pounds of steel on the floor is domestic and the vast inventory of domestic nuts and washers made for an easy order for us to process. With our automated certification system we email full certification documents the day after the order ships for easy approval for inspectors.

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