Danville, IN, USA

In the early spring of 2021, our customer was in a rush. Another supplier had provided rods with a welded nut instead of headed anchor bolts for the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office and Jail which were rejected by an inspector and left our customer scrambling to get the correct parts in a short time frame. Portland bolt was more than capable of the task. We were able to make the correct headed anchor bolts in less than a week and have the parts delivered on time so that no delays were felt on site.

With our 6 National Upsetters, we can forge headed bolts from ½” to 2½” diameter allowing us to make the proper bolts your project requires instead of cutting corners like many suppliers. With our 140,000 square foot facility and digitally tracking each step of every order, we can get even the largest of projects done on time.

Whether your project requires headed anchor bolts, galvanized tie-rod assemblies, or anything else give one of our helpful sales team members a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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