Atglen, PA, US

More formally known as the Schuylkill County Bridge #14, Zimmerman’s bridge is a registered historic wooden covered bridge nestled in the dense foliage of Schuylkill County. It spans 50 feet across a small fishing stream, allowing passage over the Susquehanna tributary since 1875. It was slated for rehabilitation in 2020 after generations of service.

Restoring such a valuable part of Pennsylvania’s rich history of wooden covered bridges required the efforts of a custom bolt manufacturer like us. We supplied a range of sizes, styles, and grades of 100% domestic bolts, nuts, and washers for the project, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The nearly 150-year-old bridge was built using a Burr Truss style of construction employing both an arch and multiple kingposts. To ensure the longevity of the bridge, split rings were included in the restoration, providing greater load capacity and minimizing the number of bolts required. Hex bolts, lag bolts, and timber bolts were supplied accompanied by nuts and washers, all custom manufactured domestically in our facility in Portland Oregon, as well as hot dip galvanized using our in-house hot dip galvanizing plant.

If you have a job that requires custom bolts, domestically manufactured fasteners, timber connectors, or the care and confidence necessary to support our country’s oldest infrastructure, call Portland Bolt today and speak to an experienced sales representative.

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