Sparta, Wisconsin, United States

In the winter of 2012-2013, Portland Bolt was called upon to supply fasteners and tie-rod assemblies for the Point Covered Bridge project. This covered bridge spans 48 feet long and is located in Evans-Bosshard Park. The bridge spans across the junction of Beaver Creek with the LaCrosse River. Before the time of municipal pools, there was an old swimming hole located at this junction which is where the name of this covered bridge stems from.

The bridge had truss node connections which required special fasteners and tie-rod assemblies. Portland Bolt specializes in manufacturing fasteners for covered bridges and was quickly up for the task of making these special bolts. The tie-rod assemblies span a length of 27’ and each assembly consisted of 2 rods, 2 clevises and 1 turnbuckle. One rod in each assembly had to have right-hand threads on one end and left-hand threads on the other end to provide tightening capabilities on the assemblies. Portland Bolt also assembled the clevises and turnbuckles onto the ends of the rods to ensure the proper fit of each part. Portland Bolt does this on every tie-rod assembly that is sold to provide convenience for our customers and easy installation when the assemblies arrive at the jobsite. Hex bolts and timber bolts (economy, dome head, etc.) were used as the truss node connection fasteners. All of the parts had to be hot-dip galvanized in order to withstand the environmental elements. With Portland Bolt’s in-house galvanizing line, this was no problem! All the fasteners and tie-rod assemblies were delivered on time to meet the contractor’s tight work schedule. Do you have a project that requires tie-rod assemblies and other galvanized hardware? Give Portland Bolt a call! One of our experienced estimators is standing by, ready to assist you!

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