Athens, OH, US

The Blackwood Covered Bridge, also known as the Red Bridge, is a historic landmark in Athens County, Ohio. It’s situated in a serene, picturesque location near the town of Athens, spanning over Federal Creek. Constructed in 1881, it is one of the few remaining covered bridges in Ohio. Over the years, the bridge has undergone several renovations and restoration efforts to maintain its structural integrity and preserve its historical significance. In the spring of 2023, Portland Bolt provided the necessary products required to repair the Blackwood Covered Bridge.

Portland Bolt provided custom thread each end rods and structural bolts with the corresponding hardware. We manufactured and shipped these custom parts within an 8-day lead time. If you need custom fasteners for your next project, contact us! Despite specializing in custom-made bolts and fasteners, Portland Bolt has optimized its manufacturing processes to accommodate rush orders without compromising on quality. Their streamlined production methods allow them to respond swiftly to urgent requests.

Portland Bolt’s ability to customize and manufacture fasteners according to specific historical requirements and its dedication to precision and authenticity make it a reliable choice for projects that demand historically accurate bolts and fasteners. This expertise allows them to contribute to the preservation and restoration of historical structures while maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of these significant landmarks.

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