Gloucester City, NJ, USA

Spanning the Delaware River from Philadelphia, PA to Camden, NJ is a green colored suspension bridge known as the Walt Whitman Bridge. The Walt Whitman Bridge is named after the poet and is one of the largest bridges on the east coast. The total length of the bridge is approximately 11,981 feet with a main span of 2,000 feet. The bridge has seven lanes with the middle lane shifting variably depending on which direction is experiencing the heaviest traffic. The bridge is also a toll bridge; however they only collect tolls for travelers heading from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Drivers heading from Pennsylvania to New Jersey do not pay a toll.

In February of 2017, Portland bolt was contacted by a steel fabricator to provide replacement rods for some work they were performing on this bridge. The grade of steel required for the rods was ASTM A354 Grade BD and needed to be threaded on each end. The rod diameter was 2-3/4” and the total length came to 135”. Because this was a Department of Transportation project, the rods and hardware were to be 100% melted and manufactured in the USA. Because Portland Bolt is a domestic manufacturer and threads large diameter rods on a regular basis, we were able to manufacture and ship the rods to the jobsite with plenty of time for installation.

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