Sevier County, UT, USA

The SR-118 Bridge, which spans the Sevier River in Sevier County, Utah, was first built in 1935 and was replaced in late 2019. The bridge was still structurally sound but was slowly deteriorating and was too narrow, creating a traffic hazard. Portland Bolt was selected to supply the anchors on this bridge.

Portland Bolt specializes in DOT jobs all across the country, which made us the perfect choice. These domestic galvanized F1554 Grade 55 swedged rods were manufactured in a standard swedge pattern. We can make swedged rods in a  standard pattern, spiral pattern, or any other pattern you might need. We also have our own in-house galvanizing line which helps with quick lead times and the quality of the galvanized products for our customers. If you ever need a quote on any domestic non-standard bolts, give us a call.


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