Innovation Hills, West Hamlin Road, Rochester Hills, MI, USA

Innovation Hills Trail, located in Innovation Hills Park, is a nature park located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA. It offers a range of outdoor recreational opportunities and a natural retreat within an urban setting. Within this park, you will find woods, wetlands, ponds, a river, and various trails. The Rochester Hills City Council has recently begun construction on a new trail called the Innovation Hills Trail. The pedestrian bridge, which will be constructed over the Clinton River, will open 48.38 acres and over a mile of new trails to visitors of the park.

The bridge to be constructed will be a cable rope bridge and will look like the bridge pictured on this page. By choosing this style of bridge, it will limit the impact on green spaces. Portland Bolt provided various domestic materials to aid in the construction of this bridge including closed eye bolts, custom square plates,  structural bolts, lag screws, anchor rods, and corresponding hardware. The material provided totaled over 4,800 lbs. These items will be vital in the construction and longevity of the bridge.

This project is 100% domestic and commissioned by the City of Rochester Hills. Portland Bolt regularly provides domestic materials for an assortment of government projects. We are highly knowledgeable in meeting all federal and state requirements. Reach out for a quote today for domestic material!

There are multiple reasons a company or government entity would use exclusively domestic material. A few are:

  1. Quality Control: Domestic materials are often subject to stricter quality control standards compared to materials sourced internationally. This can result in higher quality and more consistent products.
  2. Compliance: Using domestic materials can help ensure compliance with various industry standards and regulations, including those related to material composition, strength, and environmental impact.
  3. Timely Delivery: By sourcing materials domestically, companies like Portland Bolt can often reduce lead times and ensure timely delivery of products to customers.
  4. Supporting Local Economy: Utilizing domestic materials supports local economies and manufacturing industries, contributing to job creation and economic growth.

Overall, Portland Bolt’s commitment to using domestic materials reflects its dedication to quality, compliance, and supporting the domestic manufacturing sector.

Portland Bolt regularly supplies materials for custom projects including historical renovations, roller coasters, state-of-the-art light rails, and much more. The wide array of materials we provide allows us to fulfill all your fastener needs. Contact Portland Bolt today to get the custom material you need for your next project.

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