PB Gear

Prizes you can win by participating in our Bolt and F1554 quizzes, rebus and crossword puzzles*, and contests like our annual NFL Survivor Pool!

* Prizes are awarded for 100% correctness on the first attempt

Baseball Cap (Blue)

Blue Baseball Cap helps shade your eyes no matter what you are doing!

Baseball Cap (Dark Blue)

You don't have to play baseball to wear PB's Dark Blue Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap (Dark Gray)

Dark Gray Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap (Light Gray)

Light Gray Cap great of any outside Sport!

Pb Basketball


Indoor / outdoor full-size basketball

Beanie (Black)

A fleecy beanie to keep your head warm

PB Frisbee


For the flying disc fans

Hoodie (Gray & Black)

A gray & black hoodie

Keychain Bottle Opener

Attaches to your keys, opens your bottles

Pint Glass (pair)

A Pair of Pint Glasses

Pint Glass Imperial (pair)

A pair of imperial pint glasses

Polo (Gray)

A Gray Polo Shirt

Polo (Light Blue)

A Light blue Polo

Polo (Navy Blue)

A navy blue polo shirt

Tape Measure

A Tape Measure to measure anything

Tee (Dark Gray)

A long-sleeved gray tee

Tee (Light Gray)

A light gray long-sleeved tee


A Portland Bolt Umbrella to keep you & a friend dry in the rain!

Water Proof Bag

Water Proof Bag good for storing important things on water excursions!