Bolt Quiz

So, you think you know everything there is to know about fasteners? Here’s a chance to truly find out how much you really know about bolts and their related specifications. Our quiz will test your knowledge with difficult questions covering everything from beginner topics to sneaky issues only wily veterans will know. Take the next 10 minutes and see how good (or bad) you really are, then spread word to your friends to see who’s on top. Hint: this isn’t school, so feel free to use any resource (like this site) to help you get the highest rank possible.

Those of you smart enough to score 100% will be rewarded with the deep satisfaction of knowing you’re on top of your game and we’ll even send you some great Portland Bolt gear.*

* Portland Bolt reserves the right to restrict the number of prizes awarded to employees of the same company and to companies outside of North America. We will award multiple prizes to the same company and to companies outside of North America at our discretion. We also reserve the right to award prizes for 100% correctness on the first attempt.