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ROCAP Testing for A490 Structural Bolts

Does the ASTM Require a Rotational Capacity Test for A490 Structural Bolts?

No, ASTM does not require a rotational capacity test for A490 structural bolts. The reason for this is that the purpose of the rotational capacity test per ASTM is to evaluate the presence and efficiency of the lubricant used in a bolt and nut combination. Lubrication is used with galvanized bolts since there is additional... Read more

Rotational Capacity Testing

What is rotational capacity (ROCAP) testing?

Per ASTM F3125 Annex section 2.1.1, the rotational capacity test is defined as a test, “intended to evaluate the presence of a lubricant, the efficiency of lubricant and the compatibility of assemblies.” In a 1970 study referenced by the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC), it was shown that galvanizing increases the friction between the... Read more