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Fixing Misaligned Anchor Bolts

What do I do if I poured my anchor bolts in the wrong position?

This is a common problem, and one that can be very difficult to remedy once the concrete is cured. As with most job-site fixes, the repair method depends on the nature of the problem and when in the construction process it is first noted. The repair method may be different if one bolt is out... Read more

Anchor Bolts Too Low or High

What do I do if I poured my anchor bolts too low or too high?

The answer can be found in AISC Design Guide 1,Section 2.11.3: “Anchor rod projections that are too short or too long must be investigated to determine if the correct anchor rods were installed. If the anchor rod is too short, the anchor rod may be projecting below the foundation. If the rod projection is too long,... Read more

Correcting Anchor Bolt Damage

If my already installed anchor bolts got bent by accident, is it OK to bend them back?

The anchor rods in this photo were damaged because they were covered with snow and the equipment operator did not see them. Every situation is different, and we try to not make recommendations where bent anchors are concerned as we feel it is a question better answered by the project engineer, as he/she will be... Read more